CLDS Big Data Feed:

CLDS Big Data Industry Symposium

Event Date: 

Topic: CLDS Big Data And Data Analytics Research

Meeting Announcement: The New SDSC Data Science Institute (DSI)

Time: 8:30AM - 12 noon, April 18th 2013

Contact for RSVP: Jim Short, jshort@ucsd.ed; Scott Pearson,

Place: Brocade Executive Briefing Center, 130 Holger Way, San Jose, CA 95134

Meeting Objectives:

  • Review CLDS programs in Big Data Benchmarking and Data Value
  • Introduce the SDSC Data Science Institute
  • Review opportunities for joining CLDS industry initiatives, partnerships and sponsorship

Meeting Topics will include:

  • How Big Data and Data Analytics are Driving Business Model Change
  • Evolving Practices in Datacenter Analytics Deployments
  • Current Status of the Big Data Benchmarking initiative

Meeting Announcement:

  • The New SDSC Data Science Initiative

Meeting Agenda:

0830 -- 0900    Registration, continental breakfast

0900 -- 0930    CLDS Program Review, Dr. Chaitan Baru, Dr. James Short, CLDS/SDSC

0930 -- 1030    CLDS Sponsors Panel: Jeff Burke, Seagate; Larry Freeman, NetApp; Milind Bhandarkar, Pivotal, Scott Pearson, Brocade

1030 -- 1045    Break

1045 -- 1115    DSI Institute Announcement, Dr. Chaitan Baru, Dr. Natasha Balac, SDSC

1115 -- 1145    CLDS/DSI Industry Partnerships

1145 -- 1200    Final Remarks and Close: Baru and Pearson

1200 -- 1300   Boxed Lunch and Refreshments

Meeting Committee:

Chaitan Baru:  Associate Director, Data Initiatives, SDSC

                        Director, Center for Large-scale Data Systems Research, SDSC

James Short:   Lead Scientist, Center for Large-scale Data Systems Research, SDSC

Scott Pearson: Director, Big Data Solutions, Brocade