CLDS Big Data Feed:

Big Data Benchmarking Publications and Talks


  • Discussion of BigBench: A Proposed Industry Standard Performance Benchmark for Big Data, C. Baru, M. Bhandarkar, C. Curino, M. Danisch, M. Frank, B. Gowda, H. Jacobsen, H. Jie, D. Kumar, R. Nambiar, M. Poess, F. Raab, T. Rabl, N. Ravi, K. Sachs, S. Sen, L. Yi, C. Youn.  Performance Characterization and Benchmarking. Traditional to Big Data.  Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 8904, 2015, pp 44-63.

  • Setting the Direction for Big Data Benchmark Standards, C. Baru, M. Bhandarkar, R. Nambiar, M. Poess, T. Rabl, to be presented at the 4th International TPC Technology Conference on Performance Evaluation and  Benchmarking (TPCTC 2012), collocated with VLDB2012, Aug 27-31, Istanbul, Turkey.